Doing damage

The first problem that needed solving was the ceiling. Asking around I got hold of Mladen’s number who brought his special concrete saw. After he was the done, the place looked like this:

This perspective of the usptairs room gives a good impression of what the plans for the entrance look like. While now the entrance faces the north (right) side (and directly the street), I want to enlarge the remote window to work as the new entrance, together with the balcony providing the connection to the street. One further positive side effect entailed that I could make use of the space under the porch roof covering the entrance by inserting walls here. This would turn the former outside door into an inside door.

With the destruction of the conrete ceiling one important step was already taken. Now the foucs shifted on the lower floor. The terrace that my father had built increasingly being broken open by grass something had to happen here, too. And the balcony that was to be built on top of this terrace needed to stand on firm and stable ground. This meant there was no alternative to tear down the terrace and build a new one.

With the upper floor and the terrace thoroughly in ruins, the lower floor needed some destruction, too. Rooms like the preliminary bathroom was not only not useable but the (structurally non-relevant) wall needed to be moved, too, so that a new bedroom and a larger bathroom would have enough space in the layout.

After tearing down that wall, the place look like this:

The next steps consist in removing the rest of the wall and close up the stones in the corner with a thick concrete layer so that the new plumbing can be laid.

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